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We are three ordinary people; a mum, a daughter and a friend. We, collectively, have walked through a myriad of exhilarating, trying and routine circumstances and now live with the belief that there are some CORE principles in life that, if followed and lived in to, can really give us a life worth living …..

We have used the word C.O.R.E as an acronym to describe what we mean….

C is for CIRCUMSTANCES …… we have all been dealt a hand in life …… we deal with this hand in different ways. Some positively and some negatively. It is up to us!

O is for OPTIMISM   ….. I know, without a shadow of doubt, that an optimistic attitude is key to leading a life worth living.

R is for REALITY …… there are some realities in life that, in order to succeed and be happy we need to accept, find a way to negotiate, and move forward, each and every day. E.g where you were born, your parents, any disabilities you may have been born with, horrible things that have happened to you in the past etc.

E is for ENERGY …… An active life, derived from exercise, good eating, stress management and love creates and energy for life that is exhilarating

In our pages you will find enlightening, encouraging and life changing ideas and plans to turn your life around and give you a life worth living.


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